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When you select Driving Plus out of all the driving schools Sydney has to offer, you’ll discover you’ve made an excellent choice for a few very solid reasons. The Driving Plus course is backed by experienced instructors and offers you the use of a special vehicle, designed to make teaching and learning much easier.

Driving Plus seeks to teach its students more than they need to pass the driving test on the first time out. It is this driving school’s goal to make sure beginning drivers have the skills necessary to operate their vehicles safely and with confidence.

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About Julia Cleanthous

Julia Cleanthous is not only the founder of Driving Plus; she’s also its lead instructor. She has more than 15 years experience in the field and has had the pleasure to help literally thousands of beginning drivers gain the confidence and skills they need behind the wheel to pass their licensing examinations on the first time out.

While Julia’s structured driving program is designed to help anyone learn how to drive, she does have a specialty when it comes to teaching. She excels in assisting nervous drivers and greatly enjoys helping them overcome their fears to acquire the confidence on the road necessary to pass the test the first time around.

Seeing her driving school students come out of their shells, learn the ropes and excel in their efforts is what Julia says teaching is all about. Her students agree.

Christina Aridah, one of Julia’s former students, had this to say about her teaching abilities: “Julia was my driving instructor in the years of 2000/2001. Julia’s patience allowed me to learn worthy and lasting driving practices, which carried me to finish all the required hours and receive my Provisional license on my first attempt. …She was also very friendly and (an) enjoyable teacher that created a relaxed and calm environment. This allowed me to concentrate on developing my skills while feeling at ease.”

Julia prides herself on bringing professionalism, lesson structure, expediency and thoroughness to the Driving Plus program and its students. She also insists on flexibility in scheduling so her students can learn at times which are most convenient to them.

“Julia conducted her lessons in a serious and professional manner,” said Alana Ferioli, a former student. “Well prepared for her appointments, Julia described the proceedings and objectives of each lesson at its commencement and built a rapport that kept me at ease.”

Driving Plus is more than just a driving school. Its program is designed not only to teach students the nuts and bolts to pass the driving exam on the first time out, but also to give beginning drivers the experience and confidence behind the wheel they need to be confident.

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About Eugene

Eugene became a driving instructor more than five years ago to make a positive contribution to the safety of Australian road users. During this time, Eugene has taught hundreds of students of all ages and with all levels of experience.

His passion for teaching is exemplary and he enjoys seeing his student’s progress and develop their driving skills and the way they handle a car on the road.

Eugene is supportive and encouraging and brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to all his lessons. He works with his students every step of the way to make them feel at ease and relieve the nerves that are often present in all new students when they are learning to drive.

Eugene’s commitment is to teach students how to drive and how to be safe on our roads. One of Eugene’s former students, Julie Dowse had this to say about his lessons: “He was patient and encouraging and made driving less of a scary prospect! His sense of humour was a welcome distraction and his faith in my ability was just as important. I now have my license and have your team and especially Eugene to thank for it.”

Eugene receives a lot of referrals because of his thorough, professional and relaxed style of teaching.

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About James

Learning to drive is not just about getting in a car and going from A to B. It is primarily about safety and teaching students how to handle a car and be proactive and prevent accidents from happening on our roads.

James has a long career in the car industry and more than four years ago, he decided to apply his knowledge of cars and his customer service and teaching skills to being a driving instructor. Since then, James has taught hundreds of students how to drive, how to handle a car and to successfully pass their driving test. His commitment is safety and to help students build their confidence and teach them precautionary measures so they stay safe on the road.

James prides himself on his professionalism; patience and teaching ability which makes his students feel at ease behind the wheel.

Alison Dutton, one of his students agrees and had this to say: “James is a wonderfully patient driving instructor who has the ability to alleviate fears and in still confidence in even the most nervous of drivers. As a late-comer to the world of driving, I felt capable and calm during his lessons, and even started to enjoy the act of driving when I had previously felt scared and reluctant.”

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