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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

There is nothing more frustrating than planning on taking the driver’s examination and passing only to find out that skills are just not where they need to be to meet legal requirements. For some beginning drivers, this frustration is repeated time and again.

To give its students the confidence they need to succeed, Driving Plus offers a pass-first-time guarantee. If any of our students fail to pass the test with us, we will pay for the cost of the next test out of our pockets. That’s how confident we are that Driving Plus’ methods work!

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Guarantee Requirements

We are so confident in our program and our driving instructors that we will honour our pass first time guarantee as long as students do their part to properly maintain their driving skills. The guarantee stands if drivers meet these conditions:

  • Student drivers must complete a minimum of 20 hours worth of lessons with Driving Plus prior to taking the examination. Lessons can be both 1- or 2-hour by design.
  • Student drivers must complete the required log book hours prior to the driving test.
  • Student drivers must qualify for and take the test with Driving Plus within one month after the last driving lesson taken with us.

Note: As some international drivers and drivers over 25 years of age do not require a log book, a custom guarantee may be available after the first lesson. If you do not require a log book to qualify for the driving test, speak to your instructor after the first lesson to organise a custom guarantee.

If students need to employ the guarantee clause, Driving Plus will pay the full price of the next examination with the RTA.  Driving Plus will either pay for the booking directly or give students the money necessary to cover the cost.
Whilst Driving Plus does back up its courses with a guarantee, its instructors are confident that students will not have to call on this provision once they have completed their lessons.

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Why We Believe In Our Methods

Not all driving schools are confident enough in their lesson plans and instructors to offer a guarantee. Driving Plus backs up what it does for a number of reasons. We are so confident we can help our students pass the first time out because we offer:

  • Experience – Driving Plus has the benefit of experience on its side. The company has been in existence for more than a decade and has helped hundreds of students earn the privilege of driving in that time.
  • Tailored lessons – Driving instructors at Driving Plus fully customise lesson plans for our students. Each beginning driver will benefit from learning one-on-one with courses that are designed to meet their specific needs.
  • Flexibility – Driving Plus understands its students lead busy lives. To help them gain the knowledge they need whilst working around their schedules, we go above and beyond to be flexible in our scheduling.
  • Our excellence in teaching – The instructors at Driving Plus know what it takes to teach individual students the rules of the road and the skills necessary to back them up. Our driving school prides itself on offering students a calm, focused learning environment that is meant to help them excel.

Driving Plus is more than an average driving school. We pride ourselves on the ability to teach anyone the skills and information necessary to pass the driving test on the very first try. We are willing to stake not only our good name on this, but also a financial guarantee.

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